“Have ever in mind that love is energy and it is as real as dense matter.” A.A. Bailey, Esoteric Healing

Bonnie K. Dysinger

Specializing in Esoteric Healing and
distance energy healing sessions.

Esoteric Healing Facilitator and Instructor

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Online Synthesis Esoteric Healing Part 4

start time

January 25 - March 13, 2021


Online via Zoom

Event Cost

Online Synthesis Esoteric Healing Part 4

Online Philosophy Class: January 25 - March 8, 2021

Online Practical Application Class: March 11, 12, 13, 2021 Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Times: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Pacific Time Zone

Pre-requisite: Esoteric Healing – Part 3
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Cost: $395 ($225 for repeat students)

    • The Part 3 syllabus will be available for you to download and print for your class on the date your class begins.
    • When you register for the class you will have the option to pay an extra cost of $20 if you would like me to print, punch holes for a 3 ring binder, and mail your syllabus to you.


Registration: Click Here to register and pay online.

Please contact Bonnie at bonnie@bonniedysinger.com or call 517-281-1706 PST if you have any questions.

System Requirements for Online class:

  • Dependable high speed internet to be on Zoom
  • Video camera for your Zoom connection (We need to be able to see each other!)
  • Free Zoom software download

The Online Philosophy Class focuses on the Philosophy of Esoteric Healing; the science of healing through the energy field utilizing spiritual healing principles. Students learn to balance additional triangles in the Head Center. Little review from Part 3.  Additional basic anatomy taught of the nervous system and ears along with additional triangles allowing for students to balance even more areas of the physical/etheric, emotional, mental, personality, and spiritual bodies. Class includes lessons on Esoteric Psychology, Glamour and Illusion, The Seven Rays, The Right Use of Energy, Why Do We Want to be Healers, the Senses, Eyes, and Ears, and the Immune System.

The Online Practical Application experience is where you deepen your practical application of Esoteric Healing. This class for the practical application continues to authenticate the philosophical study of Esoteric Healing. Part 4 now provides specialized triangles as students begin to work with parts of the nervous system, details parts of the ears for hearing and balance, the immune system, and additional triangles to balance on the head. Students are expected to come well prepared in their process of alignment and attunement; balancing the triangles at the physical/etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels learned in Parts 1, 2 and 3 – on the body and on the head; and be comfortable with providing distance healing sessions. There is a lot of student to student practical application experience provided in class and opportunities for questions. The process of giving and receiving Esoteric Healing sessions is transformative as students continue to support their own spiritual growth through the process of this class.

After class you will be able to assess and balance even more areas within the physical/etheric, emotional, mental, personality, and spiritual levels on the body as well as on the head; have a deeper understanding for how the rays influence a person; balance more areas of the whole being; further deepen your understanding of you and others as spiritual beings and the progression of the soul; recognize changes within yourself since starting your Esoteric Healing journey!

After completing Part 4, students are eligible and encouraged to apply and test to become a Certified Practitioner of Esoteric Healing through the NAEH.

Students are also encouraged to continue their studies with the advanced Esoteric Healing courses.

Who should take this class? Any Esoteric Healing student who has completed at least the Esoteric Healing – Part 3 class! Proof of attendance may be requested.

Instructor: Bonnie K. Dysinger M.Sc, CPEH, CHHP, C.Ht., is an energy healing facilitator specializing in the techniques and philosophy of Esoteric Healing. She is a Certified Practitioner and Accredited Teacher for Esoteric Healing. As a Professional Member of the National Association for Esoteric Healing Bonnie has published articles in the NAEH Lifestream Journal relating the physical anatomy to the chakras with suggested healing protocols. Bonnie is located in Benicia, CA. Read more about Bonnie on her website at www.bonniedysinger.com