“Have ever in mind that love is energy and it is as real as dense matter.” A.A. Bailey, Esoteric Healing

Bonnie K. Dysinger

Specializing in Esoteric Healing and
distance energy healing sessions.

Esoteric Healing Facilitator and Instructor

www. bonniedysinger.com

Short Videos

Short Videos

Daily Spiritual Alignment.  Click Here
This short video guides you through a process of alignment with your Heart, Soul, and Source energy. It’s fast and easy to do and helps to develop and strengthen your connection with your Higher Self. It is recommended to do this alignment process daily.

Using a Pendulum.  Click Here
This is a 3 minute video uses a pendulum to show the status of your energy. The example in the video is “stress”. This video also shows how Squared Breathing helps to open the Crown chakra.

Using Dowsing Rods.  Click Here
This less than 2 minute video uses dowsing rods to show how our energy is affected by our thoughts.