“Have ever in mind that love is energy and it is as real as dense matter.” A.A. Bailey, Esoteric Healing

Bonnie K. Dysinger

Specializing in Esoteric Healing and
distance energy healing sessions.

Esoteric Healing Facilitator and Instructor

www. bonniedysinger.com

Esoteric Healing Videos

The following 8 short videos share how Esoteric Healing differs from other energy healing modalities.

Alignment and Attunement

Duration: 3 Minutes 16 Seconds

Will of the Soul

Duration: 2 minutes 52 seconds

The Ajna

Duration: (2 minutes 35 seconds)


Duration: (3 minutes 39 seconds)

Ray Energy

Duration: (2 minutes 13 seconds)

The Crown Center

Duration: (3 minutes 11 seconds)

Distance Healing

Duration: (3 minutes 18 seconds)

Esoteric Healing Classes

Duration: (4 minutes 22 seconds)

Esoteric Aspects of Energy Healing – Webinar

Duration: (Video – 61 minutes)

Ray Oils – How to Use Video

Duration: (1 minute 16 seconds)